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the chairman’s speech :

aa industrial belting (shanghai) co., ltd is the first company in china to introduce belts into china. the establishment of aa is a new landmark for chinese automated production technology. believe us, aa will provide the best products and service experience for customers all over the world,

about aa belt


ino belt was a new company established in 2009 in order to create an international brand, ino, which combines our current entities in china and germany, aa industrial belting , and bode belting , respectively. this company was founded by a professional and technical team with a combination of more than 40 years of experiences in the belting field. by supplying a diverse high quality range of products and providing solutions to challenging application problems to different lighweight industries, ino belt has become a competent partner for all our clients.

aa belt :

chinese full name :  艾艾精密工业输送系统 (上海) 股份有限公司

english full name :   aa industrial belting (shanghai) co., ltd

established :           april 8, 1993

registered capital :  50 million yuan

location :               shanghai jing'an district